About Stil

Achievement in design - LEADING EDGE OF PRESERVATION of films works, audio tapes or digital data - A formidable ally... Forging partnerships with prestigious institutions and film archivists worldwide.

Trust by majors film studios, universities, government agencies, national, international or multinational corporations.

Create by specialists to remain the epitome of professionals dedicated to insuring the protection and integrity of your assets with an ongoing development of products and systems of exceptional quality and design.

In 1997, Frederic Lapointe founded STIL Casing Solution to help preserve your anthology. Our creative juices stem from your needs.

Our Clients


Our innovations stand out from the competition by their design and are beyond the position based solely on the physical and functional products. We offer a comprehensive archiving solution for added value, which makes us distinctive and unique.

Pledge to clients

Focused on the culture of innovation, mutual benefit and customer oriented.