STiL® 35mm Film Container

Trust by Majors Film Archive Worldwile

Archivists agree that films are better preserved if they are taken off their reels and placed in a quality film container.

The 35 mm Analog Media Preservation STIL container was the first designed with the best criteria sod preservation available. They are still today your true protection against the rigors of time.


Innovative - specially design to enhance air circulation in order to minimize premature film degradation over decade.

  • The large openings of the chimneys help for better air circulation and stop by their design water and dust penetration.
  • Our design helps to create an air circulation not only around the film but also above and beneath it.
  • Chemically inert polypropylene; no addition or substitution. STIL products are considered non-hazardous according to OSHA (1910.1200) and meet REACH European standard. Answering to the standards drawn by ANSI, AIIN or SMPTE.
  • STIL cans are 360 degree stackable, interlocking and they don't open only by dropping.
  • They cannot be water soaked, Water and dust are lazy so they won’t find their way up inside our cans!
  • Easy labeling on flat and smooth surface.
  • No venting or stacking/nesting features that can cause deformation to the film roll.


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10 X

( This item is sold in box of 10 units - standard color is silver grey )



(comes down to 5.67 $ per unit, taxes not included)

Attention : Ce produit est expédié en palette, ce qui augmente le prix du transport. Pour en savoir plus sur une méthode plus économique, veuillez nous contacter.

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