LABELS ! To maximize the use of your archival solution.

14 april 2012 by Frederic Lapointe

In the past couple of weeks we have received numerous requests on our labels, so I thought it would be nice  to resume the characteristics and sizes of them:



  • Cryogenic plastic labels for long-term storage  deep-freezing harsh environments;
  • Cryo labels accept desktop laser printing and permanent marker;
  • Temperature Range: From -196°C to +120°C;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Wear and tear proof;
  • Do not jam printers;
  • Resistant to UV and Gamma irradiation.

CD/DVD Case (Part #STIL-CL24), size: 4.8″ x 0.276″

7″ Audio Tape Box (Part # STIL-CL41), size: 5.91″ x 0.394″

10″ Audio Tape Box (Part #STIL-CL42), size: 8.66″ x 0.394″

12″ Audio Tape Box (Part #STIL-CL34), size: 9.843″ x 0.394″

16mm Film Container (Part #STIL-CL18), size: 6.0″ x 0.75″

35mm Film Container (Part #STIL-CL19), size: 8.0″ x 0.87″

However, don’t forget that we can sell many different sizes of labels, different colors than white ..give us a call for more information!

Our  labels are a great complimentary product for your cans to insure a clear and reliable identification!

Contact us for details at or call !

Phone 888-414-0449 ext.10 ( USA & CANADA)

Phone 418-694-0449 ext.10


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