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27 january 2013 by Frederic Lapointe

How to Choose what kind of box is best for Long Term Archiving of your precious photos?



Photo storage boxes are a popular storage option for photos and other items around the house, but how good are they for long term storage? If you have a lot of prints that you want to store for future use you may wonder what is the best way to do this. Should you put them in an album? Should you put them in photo storage boxes? Make sure that  choose to save your photos in an acid free box. Any photo storage with acid will eat away at your photos instead of preserving them.

Your best best is the STiL Media & Photo Storage Box! Compared to cardboard, polypropylene will keep its physical structure for decades. Cardboard will disintegrate, and also generates acids and are not recommended for extended-term storage. Our design allows ventilation, gives a strong physical protection and increases stability.

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