Cultural Institutions like The National Film Board of Canada Staying Innovative in Digital

31 may 2012 by Frederic Lapointe

When Analog 70 years  programming  meet with digital…

The National Film Board of Canada’s iPad app was once selected by iTunes Canada as the iPad app of the week. It is currently a respectable 28th in the Canadian entertainment category, according to Applyzer, an app ranking site.


Over 13,000 Canadian productions are available online from categories such as the Arts, Kids’ Movies, The Green Channel, Biography, Hot Topics, Animation, Outside the Box, World, History, Aboriginal Peoples, Classics, and High Definition.

Since 15 years  STiL Casing Solution work with ONF/NFB  to preserve the Canadian Film Heritage.

The cultural institution includes 70 years of programming with their digital platforms garnering more than 20 million views globally according to Deborah Drisdell, Director General of Accessibility and Digital Enterprises, who spoke at Canada 3.0 last week. Drisdell said the cultural institution has been looking at documentaries, animation, and interactive content to add on to existing categories.

Posted by Dan Verhaeghe


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